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A thoughtful Birthday Gift

A birthday is a special moment in someone’s life so for this reason, you definitely want to get them something that that is not only useful but also thoughtful.

That is why we came up with the idea of personalized Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles and gift sets. It is healthy, classy and above all, unique.

How to make your own? Follow the steps under the picture below to get started:

Birthday Gift Bottle

Go to the PRODUCTS page

Choose a product that fits your budget

Pick your flavor(s)

Scroll down to the labels section

Expand the birthday section

Pick your label

Personalize it!

Ramadan Iftar Dinner Gifts



It’s Ramadan again and in addition to it’s spiritual meaning it also means fantastic dinners! What better gift to bring than a bottle of gourmet Olive Oil? A personalized bottle of gourmet Olive Oil!

Ramadan is a month long holiday which is celebrated by Muslims. It’s purpose is to remind Muslims of what it feels like to be poor and hungry and therefore encourage charitable giving. During Ramadan Muslims are only allowed to eat and drink from sunset to sunrise. During the daylight hours nothing must pass their lips. You can imagine how challenging that would be, especially during the long summer months.

At sunset the fast is broken with a large, long, celebratory meal called Iftar which literally means breakfast. Depending on local traditions Iftar starts with juice, soup or dates and usually continues with dish after dish of delicious home prepared foods. Middle Eastern cuisine uses a lot of Olive Oil and people pour it generously over their plates.

If you are invited to an Iftar dinner consider yourself lucky! First of all, be sure to arrive hungry because you will want to eat as if you have been fasting all day. Secondly, bring a thoughtful gift! Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fresh and delicious and 100% Tunisian. You can use our Sidi Bou Label or design your own personalized label that will express your appreciation and will really wow your hosts. Take a look at our Ramadan and Eid label templates!