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Don’t Risk Counterfeit Olive Oil – Buy 100% Single Source


The olive oil in your kitchen right now is most likely a scam.

In fact, fraudulent olive oil is something that has been a problem for a long time. A 2010 study by UC Davis researchers found that 69 percent of the imported olive oils they sampled are not the top-grade “extra virgin” oils that their labels claim they are. Simply put, they failed the test. And the counterfeit olive oil troubles are still happening.

EVOO test results

What this means for you is that the “extra virgin” olive oil in your cabinet right now might be mixed with lower-grade olive oil, or diluted with different oils such as vegetable or sunflower. Additionally, the olives might not have even been grown or processed in the country listed on the label. Many “Italian” olive oils are actually made from olives grown and processed in Tunisia, then shipped to Italy for dilution with lower quality oils and bottling.

The entire counterfeit process that has lead you to unknowingly buy substandard olive oil was beautifully broken down by the New York Times.


The fact is that pure extra virgin olive oil tastes better. Real, honest extra virgin olive oil is better in any kitchen because of how it cooks, how it finishes dishes, and how its smoking point is more reliable. While there is progress in using technology to find out exactly which brands of olive oil are pure, the reality is that few people are going to read the reports of each individual brand before making a purchase. The solution is to find an olive oil brand that you can trust to sell you real, single source, pure, extra virgin olive oil.

At Mediterranean Drizzles, we’re proud to say that we import ONLY 100% single source Tunisian extra virgin olive oil. We import our oil directly from Tunisia, allowing us to know where the olives were grown, how they were processed, and to rule out the possibility that it was tampered with.

Each shipment we get comes directly from Tunisia, anything less wouldn’t be acceptable. We know that quality is paramount in the minds of our customers. With that in mind, we wanted to remind everyone that we’re dedicated to providing real, honest, single source, 100% extra virgin olive oil to you. At Mediterranean Drizzles, we’re willing to put our olive oil up to any test, be it in the lab or on your tongue, to prove the quality of what we put in every bottle.