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Our Olive Oil

We are proud to offer 100% Tunisian Olive Oil.

Tunisian Olive Oil is highly regarded in the EVOO Community. Tunisia is the 4th largest olive oil producer in the world which for it's tiny size is no small feat. Tunisian EVOO is valued for its smoothness and robust flavor.  Many unique varieties of olives grow exclusively in Tunisia, most notably Chemleli and Chetoui. There are over 70 million olive groves and most are small family farms.  Olives are harvested by hand giving the grower more control over choosing which olives to pick and when.

Tunisians have been making olive oil since the 8th century BC and the maturity and variety of olive trees that thrive in Tunisia are what makes Tunisian EVOO so delicious. Most of Tunisia's olive oil is exported to Spain and Italy where it is blended with other inferior oils and packaged and sold as Italian or Spanish Olive Oil to the international market.

This is why we are so proud to offer a 100% Tunisian EVOO.


Tunisia is a small country with miles of beautiful Mediterranean coastline


Our Label

Our Brand "Sidi Bou" is taken from the name of a city next to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia called Sidi Bou Said.  Sidi Bou Said is famous for it's picturesque views and blue and white Mediterranean decor.  It's a perfect place to spend an afternoon, watching the sea while of course, soaking pieces of crusty white baguette in rich, delicious EVOO.

The design of our label also features the large, heavy decorated doors that Sidi Bou Said is so famous for.

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia


A door in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia